Buying Counterfeit Gucci Handbag Is Risky

So, now we have covered the risks surrounding buying a fake Gucci bag in terms of the product, but there are other risks, too—risks to your security and identity.

Sellers of knock off Gucci bags have been found to be involved in many other illegal operations—usually, anything that will make money is fair game. This means that a counterfeiter might sell you a shoddy replica Gucci bag and accept your payment, but he will not stop there. The seller of fake Gucci bags might then use your credit card number, and any other personal information you may have given him, to steal your identity.

These counterfeiters often reside outside the United States, where laws against trademark and copyright infringement laws, as well as counterfeit laws, are non-existent. Because of this, the counterfeiter might avoid paying taxes, which help improve our cities, states and countries.

Is a seller of replica Gucci bags someone to whom you want to give your money?